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SEAPLANSPACE: Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance

Duration: 01/2018 - 06/2021
Description: Marine spatial planning is an important instrument for the coordinated prevention of conflicts of interest with regard to the existing and intended uses and the protection of the territorial seas. However, in most of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea there are no established concepts for marine spatial planning; an integrated approach that unites spatial planning for land and sea has mostly not yet been developed.

The SEAPLANSPACE project (Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance) aims to enable the project countries to exchange their knowledge and experience in the field of marine spatial planning, to develop concepts for marine spatial planning and to work together across borders. Among other things, guidelines are being developed, training courses organized and a cross-border online portal created.

Since marine spatial planning is already an integral part of the regional spatial development program in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, many years of experience in this area can be used. The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitization is an important associated partner in the project.

The main focus of the project activities of EUCC-D will be on improving public participation and awareness of the process of marine spatial planning. Information materials that draw attention to the topic are developed for the general public as well as for a young target group.

In this way, the project should contribute to a better general understanding of marine spatial planning and the prevention of potential conflicts of use. Economic interests and protective measures in border areas can thus be better coordinated and the sustainable use of the Baltic Sea can be further advanced.

The SEAPLANSPACE project was preceded by a Seed Money project of the same name.

The project coordinator is the University of Gdansk (Poland). There are also the EUCC Baltic Office (Lithuania), the World Maritime University and the County Administration Board of Kalmar (Sweden), the University of Aalborg and the Center for Regional and Tourism Research (Denmark), the Maritime Institute Gdansk (Poland) and EUCC - The coastal union Germany eV is involved in the project as a partner.


Partner: unknown
Financed by: EU Interreg South Baltic Programme