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HaFF: Halophytes and other macrophytes for the filtration of nutrient-contaminated waste and surface water in field culture

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.bams.uni-kiel.de
Duration: 05/2020 - 2022

The main objective of the project is the reduction of nutrients in eutrophic coastal waters and in the wastewater of marine aquaculture facilities. This nutrient reduction is to be achieved through biomass production with vascular plants, whereby flood-tolerant species of different salt tolerance are used.

Land-based aquaculture systems with marine species have so far been complex and cost-intensive due to the high technical complexity involved in wastewater treatment. The use of flow systems with seawater or salty groundwater requires efficient purification of the wastewater produced, for which there are no conclusive concepts as yet. The development of a wastewater treatment plant for saline wastewater on the basis of plant-based sewage treatment systems and the reduction of nutrients in the addressed surface waters are therefore to be seen as further building blocks for the development of aquaculture in the BaMS area.

Proposals for use of the biomass produced are drawn up and processing routes are designed. Halophytes and marsh plants used for medicinal purposes are intended to expand the product range of aquaculture products in the BaMS area as the basis for high-quality products, for example in the food, building materials, natural medicine or cosmetics sectors.


Contact: Ms. Martina Mühl
Coastal Research & Management
24159 Kiel
Financed by: BMBF