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Baltic Blue Growth

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.eucc-d.de/aktuelle-projekte/articles/baltic-blue-growth.html (Ge...
Duration: 2016 - 2019
Description: Cultivating and harvesting of common mussels can help opposing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea by improving water transparency and removing nutritions from water. Simultaneously, developing and provisioning of innovative business concepts could improve the blue growth of the feed industry. Mussel powder can be used for animal feed and can replace imported fish or soy flour.
But mussel cultivating is in the Baltic Sea only at an experimental approach, so the project "Baltic Blue Growth – Initiating full scale mussel farming in the Baltic Sea" aims developing cultivation techniques for the Baltic Sea and also business concepts for a economical value chain for mussel cultivating. Besides, admission requirements for mussel cultivation in the Baltic Sea will be tested and also mechanisms established to compensate the ecosystem accomplishments of the mussel cultivation.

Keywords: Beach nourishment, Environmental assessment, European institutions, Research and development, Water management
Financed by: EU Interreg B Ostseeprogramm 2014-2020
Fond für Regionale Entwicklung – EFRE