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CPA: Climate Proof Areas

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.climateproofareas.com
Duration: 01/10/2008 - 31/12/2011

Climate proof areas was an Interreg IVB research project within the North Sea programme. CPA was dealing with alternative water management  options ion a changing climate along the North Sea coast.

The project concortium consist in organisation and institutions from out five North Sea countries Belgium, England, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Keywords: Climate change, Coastal water, Decision-making process, Stakeholders and public participation, Water management
Klimasichere Region Wesermarsch (3.787.706 Bytes)
Dokumentation eines Diskussionsprozesses im Rahmen des CPA Projektes über die Zukunft der Wasserwirtschaft im Landkreis Wesermarsch (NIedersachsen)
Climate Proof Areas - Memorandum of Understanding
This document is containing the main findings and recommendations of the CPA project.
Political Statement North Sea Commission
Thsi document is a political statement based on the work and experiences of the CPAS partner consortium.
Contact: Mr. Frank Ahlhorn (for Germnany)
COAST, University of Oldenburg / COAST, Universität Oldenburg (COAST)
PO Box 2503
26111 Oldenburg
E-Mail: frank.ahlhorn@uni-oldenburg.de
Website: www.coast.uni-oldenburg.de
Partner: Province Zeeland, Netherlands
Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Zeeland, Netherlands
Arvika Kommun, Sweden
National Trust, UK
COAST, University Oldenburg
SMHI, Sweden
SGI, Sweden
English Nature, UK
Schouwen-Duiveland, Netherlands
Deltares, Netherlands
County Värmland, Sweden
Gent University, Belgium
Budget: 5.400.000
Financed by: Interreg North Sea Programme (www.northsearegion.eu)