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FloodSite: Integrated Flood Risk Analysis

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.floodsite.net

Floodsite is working on the risk-management of coast of seas, rivers, estuaries. They research themes like

    1. Risk Analysis – flood sources, pathways
    and the vulnerability of “receptors”
    2. Risk Management – pre-flood measures
    and flood emergency management
    3. Technological integration – decision
    support and uncertainty assessment
    4. Pilot applications – at river, estuary and
    coastal sites
    5. Training and knowledge dissemination
    to professionals and the public including
    educational material
    6. Networking with other European and
    national initiatives
    7. Project coordination and management
    First results are available now from the
    Publications pages of the project website.

The aim of FLOODsite is to implement an integrated European methodology for
flood risk analysis and management for the coast, rivers and estuaries. A safe approach of flood risk management is necessary. Sustainable provisions of flood measures, flood event management and post-event activities are for a better risk management are goals in FLOODsite

Keywords: Flood, Management, Risk and Safety
Contact: Wallingford
Telephone: +44 1491 835381
Fax: +44 1491 832233
Partner: HR Wallingford (http://www.hrwallingford.co.uk/projects)
Deltares | Delft Hydraulics (www.deltares.nl)
Leichtweiss Institute for Hydraulics (www.lwi.tu-bs.de/)