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Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://baltrad.eu/
Duration: 25/10/2008 - 24/01/2012
Description: The main aim of BALTRAD is to develop a sustainable forecast weather radar for the baltic region. They work on forecast of rain, hail, snow, wind and other weather aspect operating in real-time, with high-quality data, and with demonstrated value to forecasters and decision-makers. So the Baltic Sea Region get their own forecast system. To achieve the goals it is necessary to common protocols, shared database technologies and production framework.
Keywords: Climate, Forecast
Contact: Mr. Daniel Michelson
Telephone: +46-11- 495 80 00
Partner: SMHI (http://www.smhi.se/)
STUK (http://www.stuk.fi/)
IMGW (http://www.imgw.pl/index.php)
Budget: 213.350.000