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COAST: Collaborative Actions for Sustainable Tourism (COAST) Project

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://coast.iwlearn.org/
Duration: 16/11/2008 - 15/11/2013

The COAST project is working on studies for sustainable tourism development so as for a reduction of degradation of marinal and coastal environments.

Four objectives are given in this project:

1. create the best available practices and technologies (BAPs & BATs) to reduce the contamination & sustainable tourism investments

  • develop eco-investmentinitiatives to degrate poverty through sustainable alternative lifelihoods, create revenues for conservation of biodiversity
  • Implement and Evaluate eco-certification and environmental management systems for private using and investments of community
  • Improved reef recreation, management and monitoring mechanisms

2. To develop and implement mechanisms for sustainable governance and management that measurably reduce degradation of coastal ecosystems based on tourism sources of pollution and contamination on land

3. improve an integrated approach to sustainable reduction in coastal ecosystem and environmental degradation within the tourism sector

4. To develop and implement information capture, information processing and management mechanisms to promote information sharing & distribution

Keywords: Environmental management, Information
Contact:  (COAST)
00100 Nairobi
Telephone: 254 20 7625286
Website: http://coast.iwlearn.org/
Partner: UNIDO (http://www.unido.org/index.php)
United Nations Environment Programme (http://www.unep.org/)
Ministry of Tourism (Senegal) (http://www.tourisme.gouv.sn/)