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Baltic Climate : Baltic Climate

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.balticclimate.org/en/home
Duration: 11/2008 - 03/2012





Today the question about existance of climate change phenomenon stands no more. Climate is changing and we must learn to live with it. But we believe, that it brings not only threats and challenges, but also presents chances and oportunities. Until now measures dealing with climate change have been mainly of political nature dealing with national inventories and larger industries. Baltic Climate project is taking a step further. We will target mainly small and medium sized cities and rural areas in all Baltic Sea region countries to support their development. The project aims to identify how the climate change phenomenon will also present opportunities and chances and not only obstacles for the development of municipalities and regions when they are accounting for climate change information in their long term strategies and planning. The process of doing so will increase the competitiveness of small and medium sized cities and rural areas and their surrounding regions.


Thus the following Main Objectives of BalticClimate can be identified:

  • To enable Baltic Sea region municipalities, regions and local actors to deal with the climate change issue in a cooperative, integrated and sustainable way.
  • To make the climate change phenomenon understood as challenge, as well as a chance for local and regional overall and sustainable development.
  • To make Baltic Sea region municipalities and regions more competitive for future challenges to maintain and enhance the common existing identity of the region.
Contact: Chairman: Rolf Christiansen
Geschäftstelle des Regionalen Planungsverbandes Westmecklenburg
Wismarsche Straße 159
19053 Schwerin
Telephone: +49 3874-6241000
E-Mail: info@ludwigslust.de
Website: http://www.westmecklenburg-schwerin.de/de/projekte/klimawandel/downloads-links-und-informationen-klimawandel/
Partner: The Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL)/ DE (www.arl-net.de)
Vides Projekti/ LV (www.videsprojekti.lv)
Centre of Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR)/ SE (www.cspr.se)
The Regional Council of Central Finland (RCCF) (www.keskisuomi.fi )
The Stockholm Environmental Institute Tallinn Centre (SEIT)/EE (sei-international.org/index.php/tallinn)