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Generation BALT: Generation BALT - Linking maritime education with the changing job market for a new generation of Baltic Sea experts

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.generationbalt.eu/
Duration: 07/2011 - 06/2014
Generation BALT is a cooperation of higher education institutions and maritime business associations from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Russia, who want to connect their potential to boost the Region's innovation-based maritime economy, by means of upgrading and harmonising the maritime curricula.

In order to stay competitive and solve the ecological problems of the Baltic Sea, the South Baltic maritime sector has to undergo a shift from industry- to knowledge- and innovation based economy. The New Maritime Sector is a current term, but we prefer to call it a changing maritime sector. To achieve this change, there is a growing need for skilled engineers, researchers and educated leaders, both on board and on shore, who can cover demand for smart technical and managerial solutions and strict requirements on environmental protection.

Unfortunately, most of the current academic programmes in the region do not sufficiently prepare their graduates for these challenges and opportunities. As a result, many marine-related graduates (Msc, MA, Bsc, BA, and but also engineers of out-of-date specialisations) cannot find employment in their profession.  

Main project activity will be the international Generation BALT supplementary study programme, covering 5 courses, designed around the maritime sectors with largest development potential identified by the foresight. Target group are skilled and ambitious last-grade students and unemployed graduates from the region. In course of intensive match-making activities participants will have a chance to meet their potential employers, arrange an internship and possibly a job.

The Programme will mark the birth of the international elite, new generation of Baltic Sea professionals: engineers, lawyers, economists and scientists who contribute to the Region’s economy not only with their excellent skills, but also holistic understanding of the Baltic Sea, its problems and socio-economic and natural interdependencies.
Contact: Frank Hansen
University of Rostock
18059 Rostock
Telephone: +49 381 498-6063
E-Mail: frank.hansen@uni-rostock.de
Website: http://www.uni-rostock.de/
Budget: 1.600.000