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MyOcean: MyOcean

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.myocean.eu.org
Duration: 01/04/2009 - 31/03/2012

MyOcean is the implementation project of the GMES Marine Core Service, aiming at deploying the first concerted and integrated pan-European capacity for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting.

During years 2009-2011, thanks to FP7 co-fundings, MyOcean will lead the setting up of this new European service, grown on past investments in research & development, system development and international collaborations.

MyOcean Service provides the best information available on the Ocean for the large scale (worldwide coverage) and regional scales (European seas), based on the combination of space and in situ observations, and their assimilation into 3D simulation models: temperature, salinity, currents, ice extent, sea level, primary ecosystems, …

MyOcean service is available:

  • anywhere (the service covers the whole globe)
  • at any depth (models give access to a 3D depiction)
  • at anytime (in real time, with short term forecast, and also past situations for at least the last 25 years)
  • to anyone (access to products is open and free).

Maritime security, oil spill prevention, marine resources management, climate change, seasonal forecasting, coastal activities, ice sheet surveys, water quality and pollution … are some of the targeted applications.

Keywords: Database management, Forecast, Spaceborne survey
Contact: Pierre Bahurel
Mercator Ocean
E-Mail: myocean@mercator-ocean.fr
Partner: 61 partners from 29 European countries
Budget: 55.000.000
Financed by: EU FP7