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Biological invasions between cultural traditions and threats to biodiversity, to be indicated by Rosa rugosa

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.vegetation.uni-bremen.de/homepage%20-%20projekt_e.htm
Duration: 01/04/2008 - 31/03/2011
Description: Biological invasions represent a major threat for biodiversity. The expansion of non-native plants often resulted in a decline of biodiversity, which concerns diversity of genes, species, communities, ecosystems, as well as of landscape. Especially in coastal dune areas of NW Europe, the expansion of Rosa rugosa is problematical, because of strong decline in species diversity. On the other hand, there are some positive aspects of Rosa rugosa such as erosion control, tourism control, and human’s recreation-regeneration value. Using Rosa rugosa the project will exemplify, how a differentiate analysis of species invasion potential in relation to various habitats, could be used for nature conservation strategies. The project is dealing with following questions: · Which genotypes and Rugosa-hybrids were and are planted in German coastal areas? · What differences of invasion potential exist, regarding dispersal, establishment, and spreading between Rosa rugosa types in various coastal dune areas?· How do different dune types vary in relation to habitat suitability in relation to Rosa rugosa? Expected are results about the risk potential of different Rosa rugosa types, management recommendations on priority dune habitats as well as Rosa rugosa types main-focussed in relation to shrub removal, and probably recommendations on low-risk Rugosa-hybrids to be used in future for plantings in coastal areas.
Keywords: Biodiversity, Biological processes, Dunes, Nature conservation
Contact: Ms. Maike Isermann
University of Bremen / Universit├Ąt Bremen
Leobener Strasse, NW II
Vegetation Ecology and Conservation Biology
Room A 1030
28195 Bremen
Telephone: +49-421-218 2804
E-Mail: maike.isermann@uni-bremen.de
Website: http://www.vegetation.uni-bremen.de/isermann_e.html
Partner: Dr. Anna J├╝rgens, Prof. Dr. Ingo Kowarik (http://www2.tu-berlin.de/~oekosys/)
Budget: 150.000
Financed by: Rudolf und Helene Glaser-Stiftung (http://www.stifterverband.de/)