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GOAP: Greifswalder Bodden and Oder estuary - exchange processes

Type of Entry: Project & Case Study
Duration: 10/1993 - 09/1997

GOAP is a group project of several institutes and was led by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lampe. The main examination was the balance of the substance flow into the Szczecin Lagoon, the transformation in the coastal zone and the transport in the Pomeranian Bight.

The following questions are placed by GOAP into the centre:

  • Which sources, lowering and turnover rates are important for the different substances and how can they be identified?
  • How high are the transportation rates of substances between the subsystems land (river), lagoon and sea?
  • How high are the transportation rates of substances between the subsystems sediment, water and atmosphere?
  • Which transport shares of different substances are allotted to the individual structure elements and how are these spatially and temporally ditributed?
  • In which relation are waters-exceeding transportation to waters-internal conservation and which interactions have they?

Equally field and laboratory-experimental work as well as numeric modellings serve clarifying these questions. A goal is the evaluation of the buffer and filter function of the Bodden for specific materials as well as the derivative of protection, control and reorganization strategies.

The subprojects of the group project GOAP are:

  • GOAPAQUA (Hydrographie and substances contained in water)
  • GOAPEWN (Primary production and microbacterial material conversions)
  • GOAPSTUM and
  • GOAPWELL (Seaway measurement and 2D-sea spectrum)


Keywords: Coastal landscapes and ecosystems, Estuary and lagoon, Pollution (beach and water), Simulation, Transport
on this website you can find the complete reports of the GOAP-projekt
The Oder Estuary as a Filter and Transformation Area (91.140 Bytes)
english summary of GOAP
Das Oderästuar als Filter und Transformator (154.871 Bytes)
deutsche Zusammenfassung von GOAP
Contact: Mr. Dr. Lampe
University of Greifswald
Website: www.uni-greifswald.de
Partner: BSH (www.bsh.de)
GKSS (www.gkss.de)
HYDROMOD (www.hydromod.de)
University of Rostock (www.uni-rostock.de)
Budget: 3.000.000
Financed by: BMBF (promotion number 03F0095C)