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OILECO: Integrating ecological values in the decision making process on oil

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://hykotka.helsinki.fi/oileco/index.html
Duration: 01/04/2005 - 31/12/2007

The volume of oil transport has quadrupled in the Gulf of Finland during the last decade increasing a risk of a large-scale oil spill. The relevant authorities have invested in oil combating strategies and technologies. However, in order to allocate the oil combating resources effectively, further information is needed on ecological impacts of an oil spill in the Gulf of Finland.

In the framework of OILECO project the ecological values of the Finnish and Estonian parts of the Gulf of Finland will be plotted, their significance evaluated and supportive information produced to facilitate operational decision making in order to protect the most valuable populations and habitats in case of an oil spill.

The major contents of the project are:
1) vulnerability of populations to oil compounds
2) uniqueness of populations (genetic specification of the population to the given environment),
3) recovery potential of populations. In addition
4) probability of an oil accident is fundamental for the decision making regarding investments aimed at decreasing potential ecosystem tribulations. In the decisions after the accident
5) ability to protect populations with the available combating technology is a key element.

Keywords: Coastal defence, Decision-making process, GIS and mapping, Nature conservation, Spatial planning
Contact: Mr. Sakari Kuikka
University of Helsinki, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences / Helsingin yliopisto, Bio- ja ympäristötieteen laitos
Viikinkaari 9
FIN - 00014 Helsinki
Telephone: +358-50-3309233
E-Mail: sakari.kuikka@helsinki.fi
Website: www.helsinki.fi/biosci
Partner: University of Helsinki, Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education, Kotka Unit (http://www.helsinki.fi/palmenia/english/)
Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu (http://www.sea.ee/)
University of Helsinki, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences (http://www.helsinki.fi/bioscience/)
Budget: 804.724
Financed by: Interreg IIIA Southern Finland and Estonia programme (http://www.interreg-finest.net/)
South-East Finland Regional Environment Centre (http://www.ymparisto.fi/)
City of Kotka (http://www.kotka.fi/)
Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu (http://www.sea.ee/)