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CoPraNet: Hesketh Outmarsh Managed Realignment

Type of Entry: Case Study
Website: http://www.rspb.org.uk/england/northwest/conservation/ribble/hesketh.asp
Duration: 10/2006 - 09/2008
Description: The Hesketh Out Marsh Coastal Realignment scheme on the south bank of the Ribble Estuary will, when completed, be one of Europe’s largest coastal realignment projects. Following the purchase of land in 2006 work is due to commence on this £2.5m project in March 2007.  The aim is to counter the effects of sea level rise due to climate change whilst reinstating 170 Ha of saltmarsh and wetland habitat, which had been lost to land-reclamation for agriculature in the 1980s. This will help to alleviate a ‘pinch point’ in the estuary, providing coastal land for flooding, acting as a natural buffer for the primary coastal defences and helping to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise such as potential saltmarsh loss elsewhere in the estuarine system. Material excavated from the site will be used to augment existing and new defences to the rear of the site. The site will become one of the RSPB’s Ribble Estuary nature reserves and part of the proposed Ribble Estuary Regional Park. Much of the intertidal habitat in the Ribble Estuary has Natura 2000 and Ramsar status, the Ribble being one of the UK’s most important estuaries for birds and other wildlife. The Hesketh Out Marsh restoration project will provide a vital link in a network of wildlife havens on the estuary and bring a significant enhancement to the natural environment in Lancashire, as well as contributing to the creation of the Ribble Estuary Regional Park which is expected to become an important new attraction to draw in more visitors to the region.
Keywords: Climate change, Managed realignment, Nature conservation, Recreation and Tourism, Saltmarsh
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CoPraNet case study
Contact: Frances MacGuire
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds / English (RSPB)
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Partner: Environment Agency (www.environment-agency.gov.uk)
RSPB (www.rspb.org.uk)
Budget: 2.500.000
Financed by: Northwest Regional Development Agency (www.nwda.co.uk)
Lancaster City Council (www.lancaster.gov.uk)
Natural England (www.naturalengland.org.uk)
Environment Agency (www.environment-agency.gov.uk)