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EU demo on ICZM: Integrated management of a living Atlantic coastline Devon and Cornwall

Type of Entry: Case Study

"Generations of careful stewardship in Devon and Cornwall have endowed us with one of the finest coastlines in Europe - rich in wildlife, natural beauty, history and culture. The vision of the Atlantic Living Coastlines initiative is to ensure it stays that way whilst continuing to play a vital role in the economy into the new millennium."

The Counties of Devon and Cornwall comprise the South West peninsula, the UK's major tourist destination. The 1000km Devon and Cornwall coast has been the focus of a number of plans and actions over the past several years. These plans range from statutory local authority spatial plans, through advisory plans such as the Environment Agency's river catchment plans and strategic plans to co-ordinate coastal defence work, to voluntary initiatives such as estuary management plans, plans for the open coast and Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas. The plans range in scale from those for a single estuary to extensive stretches of open coast. The task of the Atlantic Living Coastlines Project is to bring these many and varying plans together into a single coherent framework. The Project will also identify further opportunities for the funding of management of the coast in Devon and Cornwall.

The Project is guided by a local Steering Group including the local authorities, government and voluntary organisations, research and academic institutions. The project will also examine a number of key themes including: participation in Coastal Zone Management (CZM); information collation, storage and exchange; the effects of EU policies on CZM; sustainability indicators for CZM. 'Focus Groups' have been formed for each of these themes, these groups include those organisations with relevant expertise in each field.

The Atlantic Living Coastlines Project is producing a series of Newsletters explaining the work programme and expected outputs in more detail. The first Newsletter is available from the Project team who are based at the University of Plymouth (address above).

Keywords: Coastal defence, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Participative approach, Policy
Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (13.195 Bytes)
Contact: Mr Brian Shipman
Cornwall County Council Planning Department
County Hall Truro
Cornwall TR1 3AY
Telephone: +44-1872-322608
Fax: +44-1872-323834
E-Mail: bshipman@planning.cornwall.gov.uk
Website: http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/
Partner: Atlantic Living Coastlines, IMS, University of Plymouth (www.alc.plymouth.ac.uk)
Devon County Council Environment Directorate (www.devon-cc.gov.uk)
Financed by: European Union (EU) TERRA network no. 13 Coastlink