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EU demo on ICZM: Integrated management of coastal zones: Isle of Wight

Type of Entry: Case Study
Website: http://www.iwight.gov.uk/

The study area covers the Isle of Wight and the Solent, an area of 400 km², with coastlines of 300 km and 100 km respectively. With a population of 130 000, much of the island is designated as being of "outstanding natural beauty" and is subject to a large influx of holiday visitors in season. The coast of the Solent is urban and industrialised. The project involves four County Councils, 16 District Councils, harbour authorities, the Environment Agency, the Solent Protection Society; SCOPAC (Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline), ARC Manche (a cooperation area composed of the French regions and British counties bordering the Channel), the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe) and representatives of the public.

The Isle of Wight and the neighbouring regions have been actively involved in coastal management for a decade. They plan to step up their work and cooperation under the European demonstration programme.

Results anticipated:

  • Consistency of sectoral plans for the coastal zones.
  • Improvement of information on the project area and on management techniques and practices.
  • Development of model systems of administration and cooperation which allow for integration and subsidiarity.
  • Proposal of all kinds of integrated management plans.
  • Discussion of the results within the European demonstration programme
Keywords: Information, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Tools and techniques for beach management
Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (13.885 Bytes)
Contact: Mr Robin G McInnes
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