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EU demo on ICZM: Local management plans on the Norwegian coasts

Type of Entry: Case Study

A Pilot experiment for implementing coastal management plans has been conducted in 18 municipalities on the western coast of Norway. Some fifteen are complete. The aim of the project was to learn from the experience of local management, particularly as regards use and protection of the coastal and marine zones.

As the project advanced, a disagreement between the authorities responsible for the environment and those responsible for fisheries and aquaculture caused many problems. They arose because the "Nature Conservation Plan" for the coast of Nordland County prohibited aquaculture in the protected regions. A little later, the same problem arose at local level, in the regions where the municipal authorities wanted to give the preference to other activities such as fisheries and aquaculture. In both cases, the fisheries and aquaculture authority argued that they were competent for development issues, particularly in the field of aquaculture. The problem would have been considerably less serious if there had been prior agreement between the relevant competent authorities at national level. The experiment demonstrated the need for consultation between local, regional and national interests at an early stage of the planning process.

Results anticipated:

  • To establish how to carry out "County Plans", including review mechanisms and frequency.
  • To learn the lessons of the pilot projects, and any implications for national legislation.
  • To establish the role of participation in the management processes.
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