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EU Demo on ICZM: Integrated management of the coast of Ipiros

Type of Entry: Case Study

The coastal region of Ipiros stretches from the Albanian border to the gulf of Amvrakikos in north-west Greece. To the south, it is an undulating plain rich in cultural sites and is mainly farming land. Industry is concentrated around the port of Preveza. Further north the coast becomes more hilly, flanking mountain peaks which increase in height as one goes inland. Coastal tourism is limited to a few resorts, the largest being Parga. Despite this, tourism accounts for 30% of local employment in the northern prefecture of Thesprotia. Just south of the Albanian border, Igoumenitsa is a port offering ferry services to Corfu and Bari in Italy. Like other Greek regions, Ipiros has recently been given responsibility for regulating strategic management. The challenge is to include management contracts and "controlled urban areas" in this regulatory system. A particularly important point is the protection of a number of Natura 2000 sites, including the Aheron and Kalamas river deltas and the Amvrakikos gulf which is one of the most important and unspoilt areas in Greece.

Keywords: Management, Nature conservation
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