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EU Demo on ICZM: Strategies for management and cooperation in the metropolitan and peri-urban coastal zones of the Saronic Gulf - Athens

Type of Entry: Case Study

The Athens body is undertaking three main projects on the coastal zones of the Attica region:

  • A comparative study of land use in the south-east coastal zone of the Saronic Gulf, which is the seafront of the adjacent urban areas and the whole metropolis. The project aims to establish a balance between the protection of the natural areas and archaeological sites and the introduction of moderate leisure activities (beaches, sports, etc.) or tourist facilities (yacht marinas). The narrow zone some 30 km long is mostly public property, but managed by several bodies (National Tourist Office, Secretariat-General for Sport, public property company), and, at the administrative level, involves 11 municipalities and 3 departments.
  • A plan to rehabilitate the western part of the port of Piraeus, traditionally an industrial area (since early in the century), currently declining. The project aims to restructure the economic and social profile of the area, stressing the modern tertiary sector (relieving the current congestion in the centre of Piraeus) and bringing new uses to the adjacent urban fabric by opening up access to the seaside residential areas. The project involves property companies (five multinationals including two semi-public), the Piraeus port authority and the municipalities.
  • A project for the management of the peri-urban coastal zones of south-east Attica, characterised by a high quality natural and historic environment, a declining industrial city, high pressure for urbanisation and second residences and substantial development potential, especially in tourism, leisure and communications. The project involves eight municipalities and 1 department plus several public interest bodies. The objective of the project is to protect and enhance the natural environment and historical sites, control dispersed and anarchic urban growth and make better use of local development potential.
  • The success of this integrated and sustainable management effort depends on an understanding being reached between the partners of each project. The comparative analysis of the management strategies of the five Mediterranean cities, will be an opportunity for exchange and extremely useful for improving and enriching policies on administrative procedures and tools used.
Keywords: Management, Spatial planning
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