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EU Demo on ICZM: Territorial coordination scheme for the harbour system and coast of the Gulf of Naples - "Posidonia" - Taranto

Type of Entry: Case Study

Under the Terra programme submitted by the Province of Naples in partnership with Taranto and Palermo, the Taranto project aims to draw up a Territorial Coordination Plan to implement a detailed Management Plan for the Mar Piccolo, considered as a model of regional and town planning, but also as a standard which could be used for other areas (European value added) and an important model for the area concerned. The project provides for:

  • setting up the network to establish a National Mediterranean Arc, to be supported and implemented through exchange and cooperation.
  • creating synergy between the regional institutions (public and private) responsible for regional development policy, with a view to achieving integrated regional development.
  • implementing a detailed management plan for the Mar Piccolo through integrated projects by public and private operators.
  • protecting a designated site of Community importance (Habitat Directive 92/43/EEC) to mitigate the effects of ill-considered management operations.
Keywords: Information, Management, Policy, Spatial planning
Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (9.322 Bytes)
Contact: Mr Vicenzo de Palma or Mr Mario Romandini (Technical Director)
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Financed by: European Union (EU) TERRA Programme / Posidonia n°55/Taranto