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EU Demo on ICZM: Territorial coordination scheme for the harbour system and coast of the Gulf of Naples - "Posidonia" - Napoli

Type of Entry: Case Study

The Gulf of Naples is an urban centre where all the activities and problems that can exist in coastal zones are concentrated: congestion, industrial decline, intensive tourism, pollution, abandonment and deterioration of the natural and cultural heritage, potential in jobs and wealth. On top of all this it is in one of the most dangerous volcanic areas in the world.

The objective of the project is to implement a "cohesion plan" for the Naples coast, as part of the "Territorial Coordination Plan"; this management plan, at institutional and administrative level, is the most important planning document for the metropolitan area. The aim is to draw up the Plan following the procedures and regulations governing cooperation, partnership and cooperation between public and private operators, with a view to harmonising the public bodies' territorial programmes and sectoral strategies and at the same time encouraging all private projects to adopt policies of sustainable development.

Comparative analysis of the planning strategies of the five partner cities: Athens, Barcelona, Naples, Palermo and Taranto, provides each city with extra potential by creating the necessary basis for improving administrative procedures and fine tuning environmental policies.

Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (9.254 Bytes)
Contact: Mr Giulio Rossi Crespi (Project manager) or Ms Carmela Cotrone (Technical director)
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