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EU Demo on ICZM: RICAMA - Rational for Integrated Coastal Area Management

Type of Entry: Case Study

Reaching the desired equilibrium among human activities, economical development environmental preservation requires the sharing of well-defined and common responsibilities. These must take into account environmental impact of different activities and of natural resources' exploitation. This project demonstrates how environmental concerns must be integrated into the order and management of coastal areas of the Abruzzi, along the tract between the Alento and Saline rivers. This is an emblematic tract showing morphologic, anthropical and phenomenlogic pecularities similar to numerous coastal areas in the Mediterranean basin.

Methodologies and procedures will be planned, based on specific knowledge of coastal environmental and socio-economical dynamics on the local and national scale. This will include the realization of a computed guide to manage operative activities and utilize technical and computational resources available in the Region.

Results anticipated:

  • Development of an equilibrium among human activities, economical development and coastal environmental preservation.
  • A sharing of responsibilities, and adapting them to well-defined and clearly expressed procedures, to take into account environmental impacts of different activities and exploitation of natural resources.
Keywords: Management
Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (16.080 Bytes)
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