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EU Demo on ICZM: Programme of integrated management for the Ria de Aveiro-Portugal

Type of Entry: Case Study

The project area, covering 600 km², stretches around the Aveiro lagoon (110 km²) and is of European importance for nature conservation. The population is 400,000. The main threats to the ecosystem are the construction of dams, harbour extension work and tourist developments. The need for an integrated approach that can reconcile socioeconomic development with the conservation of the lagoon and its functional characteristics is widely recognised. Many bodies are involved in the project: at national level, the Ministry of the Environment, the Institute for Nature Conservation, the Institute of Agricultural Structures and Rural Development; at regional level, the Ria Municipalities Association, the Aveiro District Industrial Association, the Planning Office of the Centre Region; at local level, the Autonomous Port of Aveiro and the ten municipalities of the area.

Results anticipated:

  • Better information for the users of the lagoon and the groups involved in its development.
  • Improve cooperation between and efficiency of the groups concerned.
  • Improved spatial consistency of the relevant plans and programmes for the lagoon.
  • Definition of an integrated management structure for the sustainable development of the area.
  • Sharing of experience under the European demonstration programme.
Keywords: Information, Management, Stakeholders and public participation
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