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EU Demo on ICZM: Co-operation, integrated management and sustainable development in the coastal zones of the European Union-France

Type of Entry: Case Study

The Gironde General Council represents 542 communes with 1 257 660 inhabitants. To the West, the basin of Arcachon with its three cantons, Arcachon, La Teste and Audenge, has 83 000 inhabitants. The 50 km coastline is very popular with tourists. The coastal and inland areas are particularly fragile, and have suffered as a result of human activity (fire, tourist pressure, agricultural and industrial activities, etc.) and poorly organised urbanisation. This area is rich in development potential and the General Council and its partners want to adopt and implement a policy to repair the damage to the environment and promote projects to protect the environment. This involves introducing new development methods to the area through voluntary action capable of reconciling tourism and nature.

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