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SPICOSA: Pertuis Charentais Site, Atlantic, France

Type of Entry: Case Study
Website: www.ifremer.fr/lerpc
Duration: 01/02/2007 - 31/01/2011

The Pertuis Charentais (40x80 km) located on the Atlantic coast. This area protected by two islands and is characterized by shallow waters (0-15 meters), intertidal mudflats, strong currents, extended wetlands and three main river discharges. Bird migration site, wetlands protection, sole nursery and benthic habitat are the main environment protection features. Integrated development schemes collapsed due to conflicts concerning environmental protection, space uses and freshwater sharing.

Some activity work along the coastal area, extensive aquaculture production (mussels and oysters), the Pertuis are also characterized by important summer tourism activity involving urban and harbour coastal development. In Hinterland, agriculture activity over-exploited freshwater resources for maize culture. So, main problem in this area were :

  • Over-exploitation of freshwater resource (both surface and groundwater).
  • Bio-chemical pollution (bacterial contamination, agriculture wastes), Ground and surface water deterioration.

The project proposed to Setting up of a “coastal waters management plan” (SMVM) equivalent to the “terrestrial” one and procedures of negotiation for freshwater management.


Keywords: Estuary and lagoon, Plankton and Algae, Recreation and Tourism, Stakeholders and public participation, Water management
Pertuis Charentais Pictures
Coastal Waters data
On each sample site, temperature, salinity and chlorophyll values are compared to a 30 year mean value
SPICOSA Study Case: PERTUIS CHARENTAIS (251.711 Bytes)
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