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SYMPIC: Environmental Integration of Ports and Cities

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.simpyc.info
Duration: 01/08/2004 - 31/07/2007

The port-city limit has become a hot spot of  tensions of urban, environment and social nature.

 Cities and their harbours should make an effort to coordinate solutions for the problems rising from the port-city relationship in order to obtain a sustainable urban solution that contributes to a coexistence in harmony, in functionality and environmental terms, between the port and the city.

Aims of the project:

1.Demonstration of the socio-economical importance of harbours and their relation with environmental protection.

2. Coordination of the environmental management procesess, developed in the urban and harbour environment. Coordination between administrations.

3. Development of joint iniciatives of environment control in the city-harbour limit, with special focus on monitoring and control of acoustic pollution, monitoring and control of atmospheric pollution following the criteria established by the Directive 96/62/EC on quality of the air, and landscape impact.

4. Make people aware of the importance of coastal environment and the need for its conservation.

Keywords: Environmental management, Environmental monitoring, Harbour facilities
Contact: Website: http://www.simpyc.info/contacto.html
Partner: Autoritá Portuale di Livorno (Italy)
Conune di Livorno (Italy)
Chambre de Comerce et d'industrie du Var (France)
Ville de Toulon (France)
Ayuntamiento de Valencia (Spain)
Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte (Generalitat Valencina, Spain)
Universitat de València. Estudi General (Spain)
Ente Público Puertos del Estado (Spain)
Fundación Europa Comunidad Valenciana- Región Europea (Spain)
Azahar Ingeniería S.L. (Spain)
Budget: 1.720.049
Financed by: EU