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Management Plan for coastal habitats of the Province of Cádiz (Spain)

Type of Entry: Project
Duration: 2005 -

The main objective of this study is the implementation of a 'Management Plan for coastal habitats in the 100 m zone adjoining the Sea-Land Public Space in the province of Cádiz' based on the established criteria for the management of this zone.

The final aim is the implementation of a group of guidelines, policies and tools for the management of an administrative zone that has been previously defined by the Spanish Law 22/88 of Coasts, and which mainly contains the coastal habitats of the spaces in which the interventions included in the project LIFE-Naturaleza, Bay of Cádiz Natural Park, Punta de Trafalgar in Barbate, and Roche pine forest in Conil will take place.

They are intended to be exemplifying actions of restauration, conservation and management in different coastal ecosystems, which serve to promote cooperation of different administrations and agents involved in the management and conservation of the province's coast.

Keywords: Best practice, Coastal landscapes and ecosystems, Environmental management, Guidelines, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
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Contact: Juan Manuel Barragán
University of Cádiz / Universidad de Cádiz (UCA)
Centro Andaluz Superior de Estudios Marinos
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EGMASA (Public enterprise of Environmental Management, Junta de Andalucía)
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