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CoPraNet: The Clean Coast Project in Morriscastle Beach, Co. Wexford and Sandycove Beach, Co. Dublin.

Type of Entry: Case Study

This case study focuses on the Clean Coast Project as an example of collaborative beach management between communities and local authorities at two beaches located on Ireland’s east coast. Morriscastle beach in County Wexford is a large coastal stretch in a rural setting that faces a number of management issues throughout the peak tourism season during the summer months. Sandycove beach in County Dublin is a smaller beach but experiences constant visitor pressure owing to its more populated location. Both beaches participate in the Ireland-Wales INTERREG funded Clean Coast Project, which consists of two components: 1) the establishment of Coastcare groups and; 2) the Green Coast Award. The Green Coast Award is offered to a beach that has been nominated by its local authority, after fulfilling certain obligations involving bathing water quality, consultation with conservation organisations, development of facilities and signage designed and located to minimise the visual impact on the landscape, and sensitive beach clean activities. The Coastcare groups are established to maintain these criteria to ensure quality beach management and take on a guardianship role for their respective beach. In both Morriscastle and Sandycove the local authorities established a productive relationship with local Coastcare groups that raised awareness and supported management and voluntary beach clean ups. Morriscastle beach has received the Green Coast Award every year since 2001 while Sandycove received the award in 2005 but faced difficulties in maintaining the standards especially for bathing water quality. 

Keywords: Bathing water quality, Beach litter and cleansing, Beach management in practice, Education and training, Stakeholders and public participation
The Clean Coast Project in Morriscastle Beach, Co. Wexford and Sandycove Beach, Co. Dublin. (871.713 Bytes)
Contact: Kathrin Kopke
Coastal and Marine Resources Centre/ University College Cork / English
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