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FSII: Forum Skagerrak II

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.forumskagerrak.com
Duration: 01/06/2003 - 31/05/2007

The regions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark bordering Skagerrak collaborate in the EU project Forum Skagerrak II. The aim is to widen the knowledge of and deliver concrete actions for a cleaner and more attractive sea and coasts. The project work involves governmental and regional organisations as well as other interested parties.

The project includes work in seven areas:

  1. Eutrophication
  2. Hazardous substances, marine litter and oil spills
  3. Fish and shellfish issues
  4. Integrated coastal zone management and planning
  5. Coordinated environmental monitoring
  6. Mapping for increased knowledge on sensitive deep sea beds
  7. Dissemination of information

Organisations safeguarding a sustainable Skagerrak are invited to follow the work of Forum Skagerrak II. The participation of all with an interest in these issues is important!

When the project terminates in 2007, a permanent Forum Skagerrak will be instituted to secure sustainability of the environmental improvement and development of Skagerrak.

Keywords: Conflict resolution, Economics, Fishery and Aquaculture, Governance, Public information
Forum Skagerrak II - Linked for a living sea and coastlands (567.701 Bytes)
Brochure in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian.
Posters: Coordinating Environmental Monitoring (397.965 Bytes)
3 posters within WP5
Posters: Seabed mapping and biological groundtruting of habitats on the Swedish west coast (591.487 Bytes)
2 posters within WP6
Contact: Peter Adolfsson
Fyrbodals kommunalförbund / Sweden
Box 305
S-451 18 Uddevalla
Telephone: +46 (0) 522 440820
E-Mail: info@skagerrak.com
Website: www.forumskagerrak.com
Partner: Länsstyrelsen Västra Götalands län, Sweden
Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden
Fiskeriverket, Sweden
Tjärnö Marinbiologiska Laboratorium, Sweden
SMHI, Sweden
Nordjyllands Amt, Denmark
Östfold fylkeskommune, Norway
Fylkesmannen i Östfold, Norway
Fylkesmannen i Vestfold, Norway
Telemark fylkeskommune, Norway
Fylkesmannen i Telemark, Norway
Aust-Agder fylkeskommune, Norway
Fylkesmannen i Aust-Agder, Norway
Vest-Agder fylkeskommune, Norway
Fylkesmannen i Vest-Agder, Norway
Fiskeridirektoratet, Region Skagerrakkysten, Norway
Budget: 2.644.725
Financed by: Interreg IIIB, 50 % (http://www.interregnorthsea.org/)
Project partners, 50 %