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OSTSEELAND: "Tourismus Kooperation Vorpommern"

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.ostseeland.de/english/index_ostseeland_projekt.html

OSTSEELAND project is being realised with the combined efforts of the tourism authorities, the regional editors, Polish partners, Internet agency sitegeist GmbH, and the support of the "Kommunalgemeinschaft Pomerania e.V." which organises the INTERREG III A program in the Eurozone Pomerania.

The aim of all joint activities is to improve the availability of information for potential visitors and guests as well as the provision of Internet booking systems that combines the existing different types of software. It aims to establish a platform for the region which makes the large variety of attractions available to the user. This project is especially beneficial to the local economy: it does not interfere with the competition in the tourist industry of the region but makes this competition more transparent. And that is beneficial both for the region and the (potential) visitors.

The platform OSTSEELAND will not substitute the existing online appearances of regions and towns. Its aim is to provide a general overview while making possible to touch different target groups through a structured and topic sensitive information architecture. That is why the project is not only limited to the German region of West Pomerania, but also explicitly involves the Polish part of the Euroregion (i.e. Wojewodschaft Westpommern) around the city of Szczecin (Stettin).

The platform combines all relevant tourist offerings that are available through all the different local and regional websites and makes them available in the extensive index, so-called "A-Z" (see the German version). This way the independence of all the local Internet pages remain while the presentation of the different contents can be improved. More than twenty editors from different tourist information offices, municipal departments, and press offices guarantee that the content on OSTSEELAND is always up to date and that the website is fed with information by the people from the region who know their surroundings. And this combined efforts make the difference. This platform makes a joint effort of the tourist industry in the whole of West Pomerania possible - from Darmgart in the northwest to Penkum in the southeast.

Keywords: Public information, Recreation and Tourism
The main aims of the OSTSEELANDER project.
Contact: Fremdenverkehrsverband Vorpommern e.V. / English
Fischstr. 11
17489 Greifswald
Website: www.vorpommern.de
Partner: the Tourismus Kooperation Vorpommern
Tourismusverband Fischland-Darß-Zingst e.V. ( www.tv-fdz.de)
Usedomer Tourismus GmbH (www.usedom.de)
Financed by: State of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
European Fund for Regional Development from the EU-initiative INTERREG III A. (www.pomeranian.net)
The city of Szczecin (www.szczecin.pl)
German region of West Pomerania