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TRUMP: Temporal variability in the chemical composition of bottom sediments in the Pomeranian Bay (southern Baltic)

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.iopan.gda.pl
Duration: 03/1996 - 10/1997

The main aim of this case study was to analise the seasonal changes in the chemical composition of sediments from four stations located in the Pomeranian Bay. The investigations were carried out in four periods (March and July 1996, and May and October 1997).

The following parameters were investigated:

  • organic carbon and nitrogen,
  • total phosphorus and organic phosphorus,
  • loss on ignition and redox potential.
On the basis of these results the influence of the following processes and phenomena was noted: the early spring phytoplankton bloom dominated by diatoms (March 1996); the intense inflow of allochthonous matter brought into the Bay with the waters of the Swina (May 1997); the summer bloom of blue-green algae and dinoflagellates (July 1996); the consequences of the summer 1997 flood which occurred in southern Poland (October 1997).
Contact: Dorota Miss / Mrs Burska
Institute of Oceanography, Gdansk University / English
al. Marsz. Pilsudskiego 46
81-378 Gdansk
Website: www.pasat.ocean.univ.gda.pl
Partner: Leszek Frankowski
Jerzy Bolalek