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CoPraNet: System of Integral Management of Beaches

Type of Entry: Case Study

The Calvià Town Hall has elaborated an Integral Beach Management System gathered in some action lines within Local Agenda 21.

The main purpose is the pursuit of the activities that are developed in the beaches that appear in the initiatives of Local Agenda 21 and to provide the information of the beach situation to the population:

  1. Guarantee the security of our residents and visitors in beaches.
  2. Develop cultural and sport activities in beaches.
  3. Guarantee the quality of the water and the cleaning in beaches.
  4. Guarantee and improve the services operation.

35 activity cards have been designed to be developed in 34 beaches of the Calvià Municipality. We have designed in these cards objectives, person in charge, methodology, human resources, technical resources, calendar and beaches where the activity will be carried out. With the purpose of valuing each activity objectively we defined a series of indicators in order to be mechanisms of pursuit and control of the activities.

There are two types of indicators: System of Primary Alert (SAP) indicators that alert facts that can lead to the closing of the beach and the System of General Information (SIG) indicators that allow to visualize the general condition of the beaches. The standard and tolerance limit for each parameter or indicator has been defined. Consequently, the results of the indicators are represented with red, yellow and green colours for simple information and visualization of the users of beaches in Calvià.

  • Green : excellent or good quality
  • Yellow : regular quality
  • Red : deficient or bad quality
Keywords: Agenda 21, Beach management in practice, Indicator, Information system
System of Integral Management of Beaches (549.044 Bytes)
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