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YthanView: YthanView

Type of Entry: Case Study
Website: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/mrm/YthanView/index.htm
Duration: 01/11/2004 -

YthanView is an ongoing project designed to provide improved access for educaters and researchers at the University of Aberdeen to geospatial datasets for the Ythan Estuary and surrounding area (The Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve (NNR)) in Northeast Scotland, UK. The project originated, in part, with the educational and research work currently undertaken by the Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management (CMCZM) including a Learning and Technology Unit (LTU) proposal approved in 2004. YthanView is also designed to complement other work currently being undertaken on the Ythan Estuary and surrounds. 

Keywords: Education and training
This paper describes an ongoing research project, ‘‘YthanView’’, to provide online access and visualization tools for geospatial data and information characterizing the Ythan Estuary in northeast Scotland. The project addresses requirements for new and innovative ways to store, catalogue, access, and visualize a wide range of terrestrial and coastal data and information for a small estuarine environment, and to make it more widely available for teaching, research and consultancy activities. Building upon work currently being undertaken at the University of Aberdeen, to facilitate wider access to estuarine data and information resources, the project also considers ways to introduce undergraduate and postgraduate students to coastal and estuarine fieldwork, to reduce staff/student contact hours, and to establish closer links with academic research and consultancy as part of its aims. Several examples illustrate the different ways in which visualization can be used to display, explore, and communicate geospatial information for an estuarine environment.
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