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B7 SUSWAT: Planning and Management of Sustainable Water Supply in the Baltic Sea Islands

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.b7.org/envir/current.html

The focus of the SUSWAT project was on the water supply in relation to environmental protection and sustainability. It enhanced knowledge exchange between the B7 about planning and management of the water supply. There is a clear linkage to the BEST project. The project is considered as a key element in the B7 common strategy and action programme of the BEST project. 

Contact: Jørgen Jespersen
County of Bornholm / Bornholms Amt
Technical Department
Østre Ringvej 1
DK-3700 Rønne
Telephone: +45 5695 2123
Fax: +45 5695 2142
E-Mail: tfjje@bora.dk
Website: http://www.brk.dk/
Partner: Gotland, Sweden (http://www.gotland.se/)
Hiiumaa, Estonia (http://www.hiiumaa.ee/)
Rügen, Germany (http://www.ruegen.de/)
Saaremaa, Estonia (http://www.saaremaa.ee/)
Öland, Sweden (http://www.borgholm.se/)
Ǻland, Finland (http://www.aland.fi/)
Budget: 594.000
Financed by: European Commission (http://europa.eu.int/index_en.htm)