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CoPraNet: Coastal Practice Network

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.coastalpractice.net/
Duration: 12/2003 - 12/2006

The main objective of this INTERREG III-C project is to create a network of coastal experts within the field of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) as well as to improve allocation and flow of information via the world wide web. On the one hand, conferences and workshops will serve to bring together practitioners, on the other hand, a project database and a helpdesk will be set up. The project partners will take measures with regard to the aims named above, focussing on the aspects of tourism and erosion in the coastal zone. 

Contact: CoPraNet – Network Expansion
EUCC –The Coastal Union
P.O. Box 11232
2301EE Leiden
Telephone: +31.71.5122900
Fax: + 31 71 512 40 69
E-Mail: admin@eucc.net
Partner: EUCC - The Coastal Union, The Netherlands (http://www.eucc.net/)
Storstrøm County, Denmark (http://www.stam.dk/)
Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, United Kingdom (http://www.sefton.gov.uk/)
Municipality of Zandvoort, The Netherlands (http://www.zandvoort.nl/)
Municipality of Samothraki, Greece (http://www.samothraki.gr/)
CCDR-C, Portugal (http://www.dra-centro.pt/)
Down District Council, Ireland (http://www.downdc.gov.uk/)
Stepnica Local Community, Poland (www.stepnica.pl)
Municipality of Calvia, Spain (http://www.calvia.net/)
Ministry of the Interior of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (www.landesplanung.schleswig-holstein.de)
Instituto Canario de Ciencias Marinas (ICCM), Spain (http://www.iccm.rcanaria.es/)
National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ), The Netherlands (www.rikz.nl)
Coastal and Marine Resources Centre (CMRC), University College Cork, Ireland (http://www.ucc.ie/research/crc/)
Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science and Management (AICSM), United Kingdom (http://www.abdn.ac.uk/aicsm/)
Coastal Management Research Centre (COMREC), Sweden (http://www.sh.se/comrec)
Hydraulics and Water Resources Institute (IHRH), Portugal (www.fe.up.pt/ihrh)
UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands (http://www.ihe.nl/)
Mediterranean SOS Network, Greece (http://www.medsos.gr/)
WL Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands (http://www.wldelft.nl/)
Rivages de France, France (http://www.rivagesdefrance.org/)
University of the Littoral, France (mreid.univ-littoral.fr/geodal.html)
Budget: 1.600.000
Financed by: European Union (http://www.interreg3c.net/web/home_en)