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WEBSR: Wind engery in the BSR - Planning, Construction and Investment

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.windenergy-in-the-bsr.net/
Duration: 24/01/2003 - 23/12/2005

This INTERREG IIIB-project wants to strengthen the wind energy branch in the Baltic Sea Region, which is still underdeveloped in the area. In order to use the great potential, an analysis of current situation will be given, a network for information exchange will be created, demonstration projects will be run and training programmes for students and professionals will be developed. This way engineers, scientists, regional development experts, planners, managers, lawyers, marketing experts as well as private and public protagonists are given an opportunity to profit from each others experience and to foster sustainable energy production in the Baltic Sea Region. 

Contact: Dr. Andreas Schubert
Amt f├╝r Wirtschaftsf├Ârderung
Neuer Markt 3
D-18050 Rostock
Telephone: +49 381-381 2730
Fax: +49 381-381 2610
E-Mail: andreas.schubert@rostock.de
Website: http://www.rostock.de/
Partner: Institute of Labour and Technology, Germany (http://www.ifat-hamburg.de/)
Regional Planning Association "Mittleres Mecklenburg/Rostock", Germany (http://www.rpv-mmr.de/)
Bad Doberan County Administration, Planning Dept., Germany (http://www.landkreis-bad-doberan.de/)
Baltic Windenergy Association, Germany (http://www.baltweg-mv.de/)
be:deuten.de - creative-agency for communication, Germany (http://www.be-deuten.de/)
IDASWIND, Germany (http://www.idaswind.de/)
WIND-consult, Germany (http://www.wind-consult.de/)
Centre for Environment and Development, Poland
Pomeranian Regional Government for Spatial Planning and Development, Poland
Polski Klub Ekologiczny, Poland (http://www.pke.gdansk.cc/)
Baltic Energy Conservation Agency, Poland (http://www.bape.com.pl/)
City of Gdansk, Poland (http://www.gdansk.pl/)
Energy Cities, Poland
City of Pori, Enviromental Office, Finland (http://www.pori.fi/)
Gotland University College, Sweden (http://www.hgo.se)
Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden (http://www.energikontor-so.com/)
Swedish Trade Council (http://www.swedishtrade.se/)
National Enviromental Research Inst., Denmark (http://www.dmu.dk/)
South Jutland Regional Business Development Centre, Denmark (http://www.sjec.dk/)
Energy and Environmental Data (EMD), Denmark (http://www.emd.dk/)
Experimentarium, Denmark (http://www.experimentarium.dk/)
Tallinn Technical University, Department of Electrical Power Engeneering, Estonia (http://www.ttu.ee/)
Estonian Wind Power Association, Estonia (http://www.tuuleenergia.ee/)
Leontief Centre - St. Petersburg, Russia (http://www.leontief.ru/)
Narvik University College, Norway (http://www.hin.no/)
Riga Managers School, Latvia (http://www.rms.lv/)
Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Lithuania (http://www.cci.lt/)
University of Vilnius, Lithuania (http://www.mii.lt/)
Budget: 2.444.540
Financed by: European Union (http://www.bsrinterreg.net/index.html)