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BaltCoast: Integrated Coastal Zone Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.baltcoast.org/
Duration: 01/07/2002 - 30/09/2005

This INTERREG III B project aims to seek balance between different demands in land/ water area use of coastal regions, such as nature, social objectives and economy as well as present and future generations. The idea for this project, which will point out practical approaches for coastal zone management, originated in the VASAB2010Plus – spatial development programme. 

The INTERREG IIIB BaltCoast Project A pilot initiative on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea
Findings and recommendations Final Report
Contact: Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs
Ministry for Labour and Construction Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Spatial Planning Department
Schlossstraße 6 - 8
Fanny - Zobel - Strasse 11
D - 19053 Schwerin
Telephone: +49 385 588 3080
Fax: +49 385 588 3082
E-Mail: bernhard.heinrichs@am.mv-regierung.de
Website: www.mv-regierung.de
Partner: Ministry of Environment of the Kingdom of Denmark, Spatial Planning Department
Aarhus County, Denmark (http://www.aaa.dk/)
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing of Germany (www.bmvbw.bund.de)
Ministry of Rural Areas, Regional Planning, Agriculture and Tourism Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (http://landesregierung.schleswig-holstein.de/)
Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemuende (IOW) (www.io-warnemuende.de)
Federal Maritime and Hydrogaphic Agency of Germany (BSH) (www.bsh.de)
North-West Mecklenburg County, Germany (http://www.nordwestmecklenburg.de/)
City of Putbus, Germany (http://www.putbus.de/)
Municipality of Sellin, Germany (http://www.sellin.de/)
Regional Planning Association Vorpommern, Germany (http://www.rpv-vorpommern.de/)
Warnow Region e.V., Germany (www.warnowregion.de)
Association of Local Authorities of Tartu County (ALATC), Estonia (http://www.tartumaa.ee/)
Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) (http://www.gsf.fi/)
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Finland (http://www.obotnia.fi/)
Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments, Latvia (http://www.raplm.gov.lv/)
Marshall Administration of the Wojewodship Western Pomerania, Poland (http://www.um-zachodniopomorskie.pl/)
Union of Seaside Cities and Communes (USCC), Poland (http://www.zmigm.org.pl/)
Kalmar County, Sweden (http://www.kalmar.se/)
Kalmar University, Sweden (http://www.hik.se/)
Municipality of Mönsterås, Sweden (http://www.monsteras.se/)
Municipality of Oskarshamn, Sweden (http://www.oskarshamn.se/)
Municipality of Torsås, Sweden (http://www.torsas.se/)
Municipality of Västervik, Sweden (http://www.vastervik.se/)
World Wide Nature Found Sweden (http://www.wwf.se/go.wiz?doc=hem)
Budget: 3.287.978
Financed by: European Union (http://www.spatial.baltic.net/index.html)