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Integrated Cooperation on Sustainable Tourism Development and Recreational Use in the Wadden Sea Area

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://cwss.www.de/
Duration: 01/08/1996 - 31/12/2000

The Wadden Sea project was one of the 35 ICZM demonstration projects which aimed at providing the EU with information on problems and possible solutions concerning European coastal planning. It was carried out by the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat. Within the project the strong involvement of the local population was considered as a basis for problemsolving.

Since 1978, the national authorities in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have agreed to co-operate on the protection of the area, holding trilateral Governmental Conferences every three years. An effective coordination of this type requires a real commitment to cooperation as well as continual information exchange and a coherent action framework. To this end, the Inter-Regional Wadden Sea Corporation (IRWC) was established in 1994/5. This body decided to use LIFE to intensify the co-operation around one key area: aiming at the creation of a joint vision around a sustainable development of tourism and recreational use of the area. The project was co-coordinated by the Danish regional administration in South Jut land County.

Keywords: Governance, Recreation and Tourism, Stakeholders and public participation
Coastal Guide ICZM Information System (13.851 Bytes)
Contact: John Frederiksen
Inter-Regional Wadden Sea Cooperation (IRWC)
Sorsigvej 35
6760 Ribe
Telephone: +45 79 88 69 77
Fax: +45 79 88 67 10
E-Mail: JF@ribeamt.dk
Website: www.irwc.ribeamt.dk
Partner: Sønderjyllands Amt, Denmark
Groningen, Netherlands
Fryslan, Netherlands
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Budget: 663.761
Financed by: European Commission (http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/life/home.htm)