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ARCHIBAL: Archipelago Baltic Networking

Type of Entry: Project

The aim of the project is to develop methods and tools for nature conservation authorities to assess, steer and participate in developing the increasing tourism in Baltic archipelagos. The project calls for more consultative and detailed methods for co-operation between authorities, local society and the tourist business. Indicators for sustainable tourism will be developed. Four target regions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland were chosen for the project. 

Contact: Riitta Jaakkola
West Finland Regional Environment Centre
P.O. BOX 262
FIN-65101 Vaasa
Telephone: +358 6-367 5506
Fax: +358 6-325 6596
E-Mail: riitta.jaakkola@vyh.fi
Website: http://www.ymparisto.fi/default.asp?contentid=49536&lan=EN
Partner: County of Funen, Denmark (http://www.fyns-amt.dk/)
County Administration of Västerbotten, Sweden (http://www.ac.lst.se/en/)
Budget: 237.865