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EMAS for tourism in internal and coastal area: integrated management

Type of Entry: Project
Website: www.eticalife.org/
Duration: 15/11/2004 - 15/05/2007

Project background

For several years, the Abruzzo Region has encouraged studies and projects aiming at protecting and defending costal zones, in order to solve the most urgent coastal problems within the region. Abruzzo’s shoreline is 120 km long and seaside tourism provides a relevant income for the regional economy. The development of tourism, considering the high competition with other Mediterranean tourist destinations, must be based on high quality of services offered to the customers. Regardless of past studies and projects, today it remains necessary to improve the quality of services and managing processes in the local institutions. One of the fundamental project goals will be to lead to the acquisition of environmental quality certification (EMAS) for at least two public authorities.

Project objectives

The first step of the project will be the assessment of the environmental situation in the municipalities involved in the project. Then, environmental targets will be established and a specific planning program will be implemented. The last stage will consist in the training of personnel and in carrying out the application of the EMAS environmental management system.

Keywords: Recreation and Tourism
Contact: Carlo Visca
Regione Abruzzo - Direzione Territorio, Urbanistica, Beni Ambientali, Parchi, Politiche e Gestione dei Bacini Idrografici
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 1
67100 L'Aquila
Telephone: 0862 39 363485
Fax: pierluigi.caputi@regione.abruzzo.it
Budget: 1.381.910
Financed by: European Union LIFE (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/index.htm)