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Coastal conservation and local agenda 21, a pilot project for Russia

Type of Entry: Project
Duration: 01/09/1997 - 31/07/1999

This project aimed at combining the conservation of coastal wetlands with the promotion of sustainable economical development and new employment opportunities for the local population of the Leningrad District. Two demonstration areas in the district were chosen. For Koorgalsky peninsula, a management plan as well as proposals for enhancement of the regional coastal legislation were developed, and biodiversity was assessed, proposals for the inclusion of the coastal peninsula in the Pan-European Ecological Network were made. In Kingisepp District a policy document - The Coastal Code of Conduct for Coastal Zones - was tested and adopted. 

Contact: Leningrad Region Government
Smolnogo ul. 3
193311 St. Petersburg
Telephone: +7 8122749381
Fax: +7 8122719750
Website: http://eng.lenobl.ru
Budget: 449.000
Financed by: European Commission (http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/life/home.htm)