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K.E.R.N.: Integrated Coastal Management Project K.E.R.N. Region

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.kern.de/de/bid8.htm
Duration: 1995 - 2006

The Technology Region K.E.R.N., established in 1991, is a network of the German cities Kiel, Eckenförde, Rendsburg and Neumünster and has been successfully co-operating with the Danish county Fyn in a project that has three parts: development cluster/networks, development concept, and a number of pilot-projects. In co-operation with the chamber of commerce and a number of university and consulting agency experts, the State Regional Planning Authority aims at identifying the possibilities for an integrated development of the coast, incorporating ecological as well as economic requirements. 

Contact: Technologie-Region K.E.R.N. e.V.
K├Âniginstr. 1
24755 Rendsburg
Telephone: 0 43 31 - 13 86 86
Fax: 0 43 31 - 13 86 87
E-Mail: info@kern.de
Website: http://www.kern.de
Partner: Fyns Amt (DK) (http://www.fyns-amt.dk)