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SEAREG: Sea Level Rise Affecting the Spatial Development of the Baltic Sea Region

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://www.gsf.fi/projects/seareg/
Duration: 07/2002 - 03/2005

The SEAREG -project focuses on the socio-economic and environmental assessment of climate change in the Baltic Sea region (BSR) specially the sea level rise and the changing runoff patterns of rivers. These can both lead to major flooding events having severe impacts on the spatial development of cities and regions as well as sustainable development of entire BSR. The results of the project will be summarized in decision support system for impact assessment. This decision support system will be addressed to both local and regional planning authorities in the case study areas and the BSR cooperation on spatial planning in general. 

Contact: Philipp Schmidt-Thomé
Geological Survey of Finland
P.O.Box 96
02151 Espoo
Telephone: +358 205502163
Fax: +358 2055012
E-Mail: philipp.schmidt-thome@gtk.fi
Website: http://www.gsf.fi
Partner: Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS/YTK) (http://www.tkk.fi/Units/Separate/YTK/index.html)
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Survey (SMHI) (http://www.smhi.se)
University of Greifswald (http://www.uni-greifswald.de/indexuk.html)
Regional Council of Itä-Uusimaa (http://www.ita-uusimaa.fi)
Budget: 1.591.940
Financed by: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (http://europa.eu.int)