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LIFE: Development and initiation of measures aimed at reducing private cars in a touristic area

Type of Entry: Project
Website: http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/life/project/Projects/index.cfm?fuseact...
Duration: 01/11/1996 - 01/05/1999

Research has shown that in the traditional European tourist resorts of the Alpine regions many initiatives have been taken to reduce private vehicle traffic, such as encouraging public transport as well as car-free mobility, whereas very few initiatives exist along the European coasts. Statistics show that the rate of travel by private vehicle to towns with exemplary tourist activities in the Alpine regions is only 55 % and up to 36 % of the package tours to these areas are booked in connection with a railway ticket. In the area of Landkreis Aurich where the LIFE project took place, the rate of private vehicle traffic ranged from 85 to 92 %. Similar rates have been recorded in coastal towns of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Reducing traffic to tourist resorts can be a way to contribute to climate protection and to stop the increase of CO2 emissions.

Keywords: Parking and transport solutions
Contact: Johann Saathoff
[Management authority of a rural district in East Friesland, Lower Saxony]
Landkreis Aurich, Dezernat 11
Fischteichweg 7-13
26603 Aurich
Telephone: +49 4941-16588
Fax: +49 4941-16452
Partner: Stadt Norden
Samtgemeinde Hage
Samtgemeinde Dornum
Gemeinde Krummhoern
Budget: 176.829
Financed by: European Commission (http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/life/home.htm)