Maes, J., SPICOSA's WP8 leader. The WadBOS ecosystem model as an example for building block design and model documentation. 2008 - SPICOSA Project (Extend Training material).

Abstract: Model formulation is the step where conceptual system knowledge is written in a more formal, mathematical form. A mathematical description can subsequently be implemented in a programming language. The translation from a conceptual and mathematical description of the dynamics of an ecosystem into the simulation software Extend is presented in this manual. A next objective of this chapter are to illustrate how a model that was made in Extend can be documented for submission. In between, we will show how returning processes can be stored in an Extend model block so as to facilitate the practice of modelling.
This manual is implemented as Chapter 8 in the SPICOSA deliverable D8.4 Model
building blocks and it forms a direct link to the WP4 system formulation.
PDF: WadBOSEcosystemModelManual.pdf (453.664 Bytes)