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Status: OPEN [2001-04]

"Nutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems"
Project description:
The project aims to improve our knowledge of the metabolic state of coastal
ecosystems, which is fundamental in terms of nutrients and carbon
cycling/storage.  The trophic status will be determined in diverse
ecosystems using simultaneously  different methods at various time scales.
The effect of nutrients speciation and  organic carbon fractionation will
be studied in systems of various eutrophication  levels. A model will be
implemented to estimate transfer and fluxes of  carbon/nitrogen and to
forecast the impact of human intervention on trophic status  change.
Results will be translated into management criteria and directives for
monitoring procedures to assess the trophic status of coastal ecosystems.
Dissemination will be organized at several levels, from general public to
policy  makers and environmental organisations.

Project lead:   Université de Liège
Department:   Unité d'Océanographie Chimique - Institut de Physique
Address:   Institut de Physique - bât. B5
Postal code:   4000
City:   Liège
Country:   BE
Project coordinator:   Dr. Michel FRANKIGNOULLE
Phonenumber:   3243663326
Faxnumber:   3243662355
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