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"Costal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters"
Project description:
COSA improves sustainable use of coastal sandy sea floors by 1) quantifying
filtration and 2) biogeochemical processes in coastal sands 3) developing a
model with predictive capabilities 4) exchange of knowledge and
technologies 5) direct implementation of the results in coastal management
concepts and 6) increasing awareness of public and policy makers. Although
sands cover ca 70% of the shelf and are important resources with high
economical value, their role in the coastal cycles of matter has not been
assessed, compromising proper management. COSA uses state of the art
physical, biological and geochemical techniques and mathematical modelling
to quantify the biocatalytical function of the sands. COSA end-user
participants, two environmental agencies, implement the scientific
conclusions into their coastal management concepts, and together with the
scientists and an exploitation consultant company ensure dissemination to
public and policy makers.

Project lead:   Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Department:   Dept. of Geochemistry - Flux Research Group
Address:   Celsiustrasse 1
Postal code:   28359
City:   Bremen
Country:   DE
Project coordinator:   Dr. Markus HUETTEL
Phonenumber:   49 42 1202 8630
Faxnumber:   49 42 1202 8690
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