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Status: OPEN [2001-03]

"Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in coastal ecosystems: transport, dynamics and environmental impacts"
Project description:
"Major economic resources are used to protect coastal and marine
environments from  the impact of inorganic nutrients exported from land.
However, the export of  terrestrial dissolved organic matter (DOM) and its
effects have been neglected  despite that DOM is one of the most important
ecosystem communicators of  nutrients, oxygen demand, and light absorption.
Without consideration of the  export, fate and effects of DOM,
environmental protection might fail. In this  for four climatic zones.
Specific attention is directed to study the transport,  storage and cycling
of DON, DOP and DOC. The results will be used to simulate how  land-use
practice can be applied as a management tool. Experiments in two coastal
areas will produce new scientific knowledge on the factors in control of
autochthonous DOM production."

Project lead:   University of Copenhagen
Department:   Freshwater Biological Laboratory - Faculty of Science
Address:   Helsingoersgade 51
Postal code:   3400
City:   Hillerød
Country:   DK
Project coordinator:   Prof. Morten SøNDERGAARD
Phonenumber:   45 48267600
Faxnumber:   45 48241476
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