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Status: OPEN [2001-04]

"Environmental Design of Low Crested Coastal Defence Structures"
Project description:
"The aim of DELOS is to identify engineering options in the design of
coastal  defence structures that are functionally and economically feasible
and socially  and ecologically acceptable. DELOS offers the possibility to
achieve this aim  through integrated collaboration among engineers who
design coastal defence  systems, coastal oceanographers, marine ecologists,
economists and political  institutions who are operationally responsible
for coastal protection works. DELOS  covers major research in engineering,
ecology and socio-economy. It involves 17  partners from 7 European
countries. The major anticipated deliverable are  validated guidelines for
the design of low crested coastal defence structures to  be provided to
civil engineers and local authorities planning shore defence  measures."

Project lead:   University of Bologna
Department:   DISTART
Address:   Viale Risorgimento, 2
Postal code:   40136
City:   Bologna
Country:   IT
Project coordinator:   Dr. Alberto LAMBERTI
Phonenumber:   39 0512093749
Faxnumber:   39 0516448346
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