The Project (Summary)

Problems to be solved:
CoastView focuses on the physical problems associated with sedimentary coasts. This project aims to simplify the task of the coastal manager who needs to know when a valuable component of the coast is at risk, which processes are responsible, and consequently what appropriate form of intervention (if any) is required in order to sustain or improve the resource.

The information currently available to the coastal manager about the physical state of the coastline from observations, models and scientific interpretation is often too complex and difficult to use directly. In order to assist in decision making, this complex information needs to be delivered promptly and in a simplified form, i.e. reduced to a limited set of video derived ‘Coastal State Indicators’ (CSIs) upon which management decisions and policy can be based. CSIs can be defined as a minimum set of parameters that can quantitatively describe the dynamic state of a coastal system. The formal definition of CSIs is a major deliverable of the project but it is envisaged that typical examples might include parameters such as the beach width, the location and position of shipping channels and rip-current systems, and the rates of shoreline recession. CSIs will be obtained automatically using technological and scientific developments within the CoastView project that will permit the remote sensing of CSIs using improved coastal video monitoring systems.

The innovations resulting from the CoastView Project will help towards a simplified, cost-effective means of monitoring the coastal zone with a sampling frequency and duration that matches the time-scale of coastal evolution. A combination of the developments in video technology and the definition and implementation of CSIs will clarify coastal management tasks, facilitate better resource planning, improve project designs and allow better post project evaluation. The high frequency, long-term video measurements will allow a more accurate evaluation of damage from extreme events and a better assessment of the implications for the long-term evolution of the coastline. The video-CSI system will allow effective detection of erosion ‘hot-spots’, long-term trends in coastal evolution and provide an early warning system for coastal flooding. The system will also facilitate a ‘real-time’ evaluation of coastal hazards (e.g. the location of sandbars in navigable channels).

Scientific Objectives & Approach:

CoastView has two primary objectives:

  1. To develop resource-related 'Coastal State Indicators' (CSIs) for describing the dynamic state of the coast, in support of coastal zone management.

  2. To develop and verify video-based monitoring methods and associated analysis techniques for estimating and interpreting these CSIs.

New video systems, theory & software for data collection and evaluation of CSIs will be delivered. Data for the verification of video-derived CSIs will be collected from four environmental groups each with clearly defined management problems typical of European Coastlines. These include continuous coastlines defended by nourishment/hard engineering and coastal inlets with single spits or multiple mobile sandbanks with navigational hazards, requiring dredging.

It is vital that determination of appropriate CSIs receives input from two groups, from the managers and policy makers, and from the scientists. The former are able to assess what information will be of most value to the manager, while the latter can determine what might be possible based on existing or potential technology and scientific understanding.

Expected Impacts:
The CoastView project will lead to a clearly defined set of CSIs. The project will develop coastal video systems and associated tools that are capable of collecting high quality data for the evaluation of CSIs. New theories, algorithms and software will be developed for the estimation of CSIs from video data. These routines will be fully validated by comparison to field data and appropriate error bounds for video derived CSIs will be produced. Developments within the CoastView project will form the basis for future monitoring and management of coastal systems.

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